Little Black Book

Today I received my little black book from a company called Zeno …A gorgeous hard backed memory photo book I did as a surprise present for my Husband dedicated to our two fur-kiddos Bo & Caley. I have to say how genuinely impressed I am with the quality of print & thickness of the pages, it’s almost like a child’s board book.

Personalization was straight forward to navigate even for a digibeet like me. You decide where you want each image, which photo you want for the front cover & background colour.

 Shipping to the UK took approximately a week to arrive & all in perfect condition. Such a lovely keepsake & or gift for the person who has everything. 

Here is a link to their website if you fancy a wee nosey click here.

Here’s a 40% off coupon code<ABMS40> to you. This code applies to Albums & Books. This offer expires on 2020-08-31 Pacific Time.

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